New spring schedule

New spring jam schedule
We’re excited to transition toward summer with outdoor park jams starting this Saturday. Once we have moved solidly into phase 2 of COVID vaccinations, we will post more information about indoor jams at the studio. Here is our April jam schedule:

Wednesdays: Playalong jam with patio guest 7-8pm
Thursdays: NINJAM 7-8pm
Friday (monthly): Zoom Open Mic Songshare 7-9pm Personal Meeting ID: 610-826-3816
Saturday: Sellwood Park Jams 2-4pm, optional waitlist jam 5-7pm
Sunday: NINJAM 12:30-1:30pm

To help us continue hosting live music collaborations like these in our community, please consider contributing monthly through Patreon or direct donations.

Park jams restarting this weekend
Sellwood Park jams will restart this Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. The first park meetup is scheduled for April 3 at 2:00 as posted on Our waitlisters have filled up our second jam at 5:00 this Saturday as well. Please rsvp on for next Saturday April 10 at 2:00, weather permitting. A second jam at 5pm will be offered for waitlisters. 

Zoom Open Mic moves to Friday, April 9
Our popular online open mic meetup is moving to the second Friday, 7-9pm every month to avoid conflicting with our new Saturday park jams. We share whatever we’re working on, including songs, pieces of songs, riffs, and other musical contributions. We take turns like an open mic, but there is no need to practice or get it accurate. Play a solo you’ve been practicing, sing in a cappella, or simply play a favorite song you’ve been enjoying. Nobody has to worry about sharing a complete song or trying to make it sound perfect. The point is simply to share anything related music and support others who are staying involved with music. Please rsvp on and click this link to go to Zoom on April 9:

Shop and support us on AmazonSmile
We are pleased to announce our participation with AmazonSmile which automatically donates .5% of your purchases to the charity you select. It costs you nothing to help us – just update your Amazon shopping bookmark to this link at AmazonSmile today. The donation requires you to access Amazon from this link every time you shop, so don’t forget!Musicians gather online to play favorite songs asynchronously through NINJAM, February 2021.

NINJAM moves to Sundays and Thursdays
NINJAM is an online format which allows distanced musicians to play repeated musical phrases asynchronously together. Community Jamsstretches these online experiences using techniques honed from years of live jam sessions. This creates easy-to-access familiar jam experiences while staying online and distanced. We now broadcast our NINJAMs on Twitch so you can watch before trying it yourself. See how we slowly develop each song into a successful NINJAM session on Thursdays at 7pm and Sundays at 12:30:

Our special NINJAM-friendly song list is growing – check it out at:

Now we have our own server for playing together with anyone around the world!

As we move toward a much busier schedule at the studio in the coming months, let us know if you can help us with tasks such as grant-writing, promotion and event organization. 

Most of all, join us to play and share music, reach out to others in the community with music, and always have fun!

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