Community Jams – Studio Update

TOMORROW: CJ “Live Karaoke” at First Friday
Inviting all SINGERS of all abilities! On First Fridays, we support the arts with our neighboring artists at East Creative Collective at our 211 SE Madison Street Studio. We’ll play familiar songs from 6-8:30pm, backing up anyone who wants to sing along in “live karaoke” style. Art + music = more fun!
SEPT 7: Learn how to do more for our community
At Standard’s Volunteer Expo, discover volunteer service and donation opportunities that fit your skills and interests. Stop by our Community Jams booth to learn more ways to get involved with us! Saturday, September 7, 11-2pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square. More than 100 participating nonprofits can help you find what you’re looking for!

Outreach to houseless – call for interest
Community Jams has partnered with Because People Matter to serve the houseless population at their well-organized Night Strike program on most Thursdays this summer under the Burnside Bridge. Individuals looking to volunteer can contact CityTeam or inquire with our Music Director Rob “Bodhi” Wolff via email.

Jams for all levels
Join us for jams open to ALL singers, players, and abilities, all located at our Madison Studio at 211 SE Madison Street in Portland. Our Wednesday jam is aimed at beginners, newcomers to jams, or anyone exploring new instruments or methods. Visit on the days that work best for you, and we’ll adjust the jam theme to the group’s interests:
Mondays Studio Jam – 6pm – RSVP
Mondays Improv Jam – 8pm – RSVP
Wednesdays Newcomer/Explorer Jam – 7pm – RSVP
Thursdays Studio Jam- 7pm – RSVP
Saturdays Glam Jam/Potluck – 1-4pm – RSVP
Pick out songs you’d like to sing at our jams by first visiting the bsteele Music App, a web site at:

Join us on Discord for messaging and events
Community Jams is now using Discord as a way to communicate quickly and easily about issues around our live music experiences. Talk about songs you’d like to see in the library, what you’d like to play on Saturdays, or other project ideas. Please use this link to get started, downloading the free app on your computer and phone:

General guidelines for using the current channels:
Browse the announcements channel “#-events” inside Discord for all event information
Use the text channel “#-general” inside Discord for exchanging general CJ messages
Use the jams channel “#-Seasoned Sessions” inside Discord for exchanging messages for Seasoned Sessions meetups only
Use Direct messages within Discord to communicate with musicians privately about issues

Themed sessions
Improvise on Mondays
Create melodic riffs and improvise free from charts and planning as we make it music on the spot. If you know chords on your instrument and can follow basic rhythm, improv creates memorable blends while stretching musical wings alongside others!
Improv Jam 8-9:30pm, Madison Street Studio, 211 SE Madison St Portland
RSVP on the calendar

Discover and explore on Wednesdays
If you are new to making music live with others, then the Newcomers/Explorers Jam is the perfect place to answer basic questions about what and how to play together. Also learn the basics of reading our easy song charts in the bsteele Music App library with over 1800 songs to sing and play! 
7-9:30pm, Madison Street Studio, 211 SE Madison St Portland
RSVP on the calendar
Updated mask requirements
We require masks in the studio regardless of vaccination status. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.
Community Jams Studio location:
(inside East Creative Collective building)
211 SE Madison St – Suite 23
Portland, OR 97214
Exterior doors are kept locked, so please ring the door chime at the Madison Street entrance so we can let you in.
Thank you supporters
We really appreciate your ongoing donations, particularly through recurring options like those offered on PayPal and Patreon.
Most of all, join us to play and share music, reach out to others in the community with music, and always have fun!