CJ Collaborative Improv Music Creation

Event Details

This event finished on 27 February 2020

Have you ever whistled a new tune to yourself? Can you share that tune with your voice or your instrument? Have you ever experienced the thrill of hearing others join you in putting these notes together to make a new sound?

Welcome to improvisational music where we enjoy a very unique type of music collaboration. We toss around a couple of chords, exchange riffs, explore simple patterns, and have an enormous amount of fun playing with each other! You’ll hear us play ‘catch and release’ with notes, harmonize with spontaneous vocals, and discover how our individual sounds and styles blend together. The whole sound is greater than the sum of parts!

We will add vocals, different instruments, and varying rhythms to create an evening that is incredibly unique every time.

Suggested donation: $20

Try something new and join us to hear your music soar. Please visit www.communitysjams.org for more details on what we do for you and the community.