CJ Thursday Afternoon Casual Play-along

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This event is running from 6 February 2020 until 31 January 2030. It is next occurring on February 20, 2020 2:00 pm

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If this is your first experience with Community Jams, this meetup is for you!

Come join our friendly, live music experience designed for all types of musicians and abilities with acoustic and electric instruments. Learn to sing and/or play with others without the pressure of performance. Enjoy playing and meeting new friends who share your love of music.

Bring your own instrument or share our studio gear, including a baby grand piano, acoustic and electronic drum kits, synth, bass rig and practice amp.

We use our own special play-along jam technology that makes it incredibly easy to play along your favorite songs. Visit the bsteele Music App at:


and select from over 1000 songs. We’ll set the song chart to a key that suits the singer, and play along in any size group without need for rehearsal.

Suggested donation: $20

Take a break and join us for a warm welcome and unforgettable collaborative music experience.

Please visit www.communityjams.org for more details on what we do for you and the community.