Learning To Play Together Jam – Sunday Session

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Sunday afternoon Jam Workshop – Basic Circle Jam

Pre-requisite: Be able to play the majority of chords. Make changes quickly. Keep basic time for standard time signatures.

These Wednesday jams are the place where we all learn how to play together.

With the help of the bsteele lyrics app, we navigate a series of songs, nominated by each participate in turn. If we don’t have the song in our library, we’ll look online for some help. We all play together, and we encourage everybody to sing on their own song. Everybody participates as best they can. Harmonizing is encouraged.

We use the bsteele.com music app to follow song lyrics and chords. Please select songs that you can sing from this website ahead of the meetup: http://www.bsteele.com/bsteeleMusicApp/index.html

We’ll be hosting drums, bassists, and lead players, so be prepared for a variety of sounds and styles. Solos and leads are encouraged! Stretch yourself!

Ask questions, learn from your peers, share tips and knowledge, and get in tune with playing in a group setting.

Suggested Donation: If you find this workshop useful, a $15 donation is much appreciated.

As Always,
the Community jams Code of Conduct
1) We want to hear everybody
2) Discussions about volume and tempo aren’t personal; discussions about timing and pitch shouldn’t be.
3) Everybody has something to contribute.
4) Mistakes are chances to learn, and then they’re finished. Remember to enjoy the successes that follow.
5) Playing music with other people is fun, provides health benefits across a spectrum of needs, and is a need for some people’s well-being.
6) This space is designed for musicians who are training to play well with others. We all benefit from a ‘tight’ core of musicians who adjust to the room’s needs.
7) This space runs on the ‘attitude of gratitude’. Donations of money, time, gear, effort, snacks, energy, and love keep this community growing.