Seasoned Sunday Studio Sessions – Arrangement Workshop

Event Details

This event finished on 02 February 2020

Every Sunday we embrace whatever collection of musicians we have for that week, and try to create ‘recording level’ quality songs on our third try.

Participants will organize in the beginning, bringing in ‘project songs’ from that week. (please include discussions about songs in the ‘comments’ section, below). Each song will be workshopped through three iterations, with some discussion between to help us focus. The goal is to make the third time through sound as polished as we can.

We’ll start the evening with a series of warm-ups and suggested one-off songs, but the bulk of the workshop will be the Five to Eight ‘project songs’ worth digging into.

Participants who wish to nominate a ‘project song’ should provide a properly-annotated chart, a vocalist, and a key at the start of the workshop.

We use the music app to follow song lyrics and chords. Please select songs that you can sing from this website ahead of the meetup:

Please Note: These songs often represent a significant amount of effort for those regulars who prepared work ahead of time. Occasional visitors and drop-in friends should be of a mind to support this effort.

Suggested Donation of $20 for those who can afford it.

House Gear:
Drum Kit, Baby Grand, 3 keyboards, 2 bass amps, 2 practice amps, various instruments. If you play amplified, bring your necessary gear and amp.

As Always,
the Community Jams Code of Conduct
1) We want to hear everybody
2) Discussions about volume and tempo aren’t personal; discussions about timing and pitch shouldn’t be.
3) Everybody has something to contribute.
4) Mistakes are chances to learn, and then they’re finished. Remember to enjoy the successes that follow.
5) Playing music with other people is fun, provides health benefits across a spectrum of needs, and is a need for some people’s well-being.
6) This space is designed for musicians who are training to play well with others. We all benefit from a ‘tight’ core of musicians who adjust to the room’s needs.
7) This space runs on the ‘attitude of gratitude’. Donations of money, time, gear, effort, snacks, energy, and love keep this community growing.