Singer Two-fer Tuesdays — Sing it Twice, with Advice!

Event Details

This event finished on 26 November 2019

What we’ll do:

Tuesdays are a portal for vocalists to get some feedback and preparation for working with live musicians. If you’ve never sung live and need some help, this is where you start.

Goal — to gain the information and confidence necessary to sing live while leading others.

As a group, we’ll work through each individual’s particular song choices for the night.

Each participant will sing a song along with live accompaniment in the room. The group will give suggestions and feedback intended to help the vocalist find a more comfortable and personalized version of the song. Then the vocalist will take another go at the tune, hopefully applying some of the advice the group has given.

Vocalists can pick a song where we’ve already worked out the charts by visiting our digital library of songs. The link to the Bob Steele Music App is located on our website at

If the song isn’t in our library, feel free to pick any reasonably-playable song from the internet. Find a youtube link for the version you like, and include it in the comments below when you RSVP.

Regardless, after some homework and scrambling for chords, we’ll all play your song and get you ready and able to front your song on the mic for others to play.

From absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, every vocalist can use some help figuring out how to work with live musicians. Come explore technique, tips, and tactics with your fellow vocalists.

Note: A suggested donation of $20 helps keep these vocal workshops in circulation.

What to bring
Instruments, Note-taking material, and your own personal song selections

Important to know
Respond in the comments section with a link to a particular song you wish to explore.