Tuneful Improv Workshop and Jam – Thursday nights

Event Details

This event finished on 30 January 2020

Most people begin improvising over a song structure, and create solos or ‘leads’ during the breaks, etc.

There is another kind of improvisation, where we try to find our ‘big ears’ and react to each other as a group.

The aim, by the end of the evening, is to stretch ourselves to a place where we’re improvising not only the melody of the song, but the song structure itself.

Improvisation itself is a skill, and a mindset. We’re choosing to improvise using music, so the assumption will be that everybody is attending will be at least a fairly comfortable musician.

So, the skillset we’ll all be workshopping together is our ability to improvise.

Learning to improvise tunefully and simply is a key to solid musical exchange, and a cornerstone of quality improvising. Leaving the audience with something they can whistle is the sign of a good musician. Practicing that type of creative skill in a supportive room is a great way to improve.

This workshop is for musicians who feel comfortable working with standard songs and structures, and can follow and understand basic song structure and improvise along with basic Youtube backing tracks and the like.

It is aimed at musicians who want to explore a different type of live playing. A “less is more” approach and a group mentality. A long-form exploration with a boundary-dropping impact. Increased sensitivity training in an environment where mistakes are not only okay, but played with. When you wan to stop soloing and start creating live improvised music, as a group, then come on out!

There is a $20 suggested donation for those who can afford it.