How can I help with jams?

How can I contribute materially to Community Jams?

Financial donations, instruments, music gear

How can I contribute my expertise to Community Jam?

People with skills in accounting, human resources and team management, nonprofit organizations, legal consultation, social work, sales and marketing (social media and website development)

How can I contribute my time to Community Jams?

Field tasks and coordination (boots on the ground), scout locations, engage supports, make phone calls and gather information, coordinate volunteers, conduct internet research and data gathering, website management


What about long-term space?

While we will be moving into a space at 211 Madison St. on January 1, we will still keep our eyes open for a more permanent location for Community Jams. We seek a space with a minimum of 750 sq ft with restrooms, accessibility, access to major freeways and public transit, accessible from 9am -10pm seven days a week, with noise-compatible neighbors. All potential sites (residential, commercial, industrial) need to be vetted for occupancy status, current commercial status, current fire and seismic codes, neighborhood tolerance to our music activity.

How can I help find a jam space?

We are looking for location scouts, Internet researchers, and phone communicators willing to dedicate daytime work hours to our search. To sign up for a task, email us at

Download the volunteer flyer

Download the volunteer space search worksheet