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How can I contribute financially to Community Jams?

To lease our studio space, employ our Music Director, and offer audio equipment for jams, we rely on donations from the music community. Beyond operating our studio jams, we are building a jam model for other communities and exploring new ways to connect people through live music. Help us through single or recurring payments on PayPal or Patreon, or send one-time payments to our bank . We are also grateful for donations in the form of new or gently used instruments, music supplies and equipment.

How can I contribute my professional services to Community Jams?

We need help with grant-writing, legal consultation, social work, sales and marketing (social media and website development). Those with nonprofit experience are particularly encouraged to share their journey with us. Please email your interest and availability to

How can I contribute other services to Community Jams?

Help us find, grow, and maintain our resources to nurture our music community, find funding opportunities, grow and polish our technology including our unique jam-friendly song library. We occasionally need to gather information, coordinate volunteers, conduct internet research. We also need help spreading information on social media. Please email your interest and availability to