The Wednesday Night jams are different from the typical open mic. It’s not about taking the spotlight and playing rock star, it’s about making music with folks that offer support as you stretch yourself musically. I have so much fun that it takes a couple hours to calm down afterwards. – Paul

Community Jams (now including Portland Casual Jams) has awakened my life through music in ways that I never imagined. By using innovative jam-along-technology in the free online bsteele music application, Bodhi helps amateur musicians like me sing my favorite songs easily FOR THE FIRST TIME. These songs, like so many, were recorded by male artists in keys far out of my range. Now with the bsteele music application, I can instantly find hundreds of songs for my ability and shift the key so I can sing comfortably and naturally. Now I easily connect with other musicians because we can sing and play along without stumbling over the messy guitar tabs usually found online. In this manner, Community Jams has turned music into an essential part of my personal growth. – Shari

I’ve been attending various sessions of Community Jams for over a year. I appreciate the combination of task-orientation (improving my singing and playing) and acceptance of my limitations. Bodhi Wolff keeps us “on track” with a variety of music brought by the musicians. I particularly appreciate the “players” attending the “Tarrying Tuesday” sessions, who contribute to make the session much more than an individual contribution.  – Vinny

I have lived in three continents so far, in a few cities, big and small. There is always a guitar with me so I can enjoy my day. During my rebellious teenage years, I formed a band with my high school friends. It was one of the best time of my life. When I first played at Bodhi’s Wednesday Play Together Jam, it felt like I was back in my teenage years. The energy, the openness, the warm welcome and the guidance really help enrich my skill and soothe the soul. The new friends have been more than amazing.  – Henry

I started coming to Portland Casual Jams (PCJ) sessions after my life partner passed over in 2011. He was an amazing professional musician and I did not play much. After he was gone, I realized that I still needed music to fill my home. I started to learn guitar and looked for opportunities to play with other musicians. An internet search yielded PCJ and after one Wednesday Easy Jam, I was hooked. The people that I met became dear friends and adopted family. Beyond helping me through a long and deep grief, they helped me to find a new joy. I learned that I could stretch myself by playing with others, to learn new music and best of all, to sing after a lifetime of being told not to. The amazing learning experience, the confidence boost and the warm sharing and camaraderie are beyond value. I would be at a steep loss if I were not able to participate at vocal workshops, Wednesday Jam Nights, Christmas Caroling, Saturdays in the park and all of the other wonderful opportunities for musical expression and community bonding. – Kathleen

Portland Casual Jams has helped me to synchronize with other musicians along with improving my guitar playing and singing. The atmosphere is welcoming, non-judgmental and stretching your abilities is encouraged. – John

When I was 15, I played bass in a band very poorly for about a year. Fast forward forty-five years, after a career, raising kids, and remaining married, I had spent no time on the bass. Once retired, I  discovered the Portland Casual Jams meetup. They care more if you’re there, trying, learning, and having fun than the perfection of your music. I slowly improve and continue to have fun as they patiently wait for me.   – Bob