A Gift to Us All

Happy Holidays, everybody!  I’m hoping you’re finding ways of bringing music into your holiday season.

New Jam Location

We have very special news. Starting on January 1st, we’ll be leasing and moving to a new studio space at 211 SE Madison St inside East Creative Collective, a centrally-located studio and gallery for artists. This long-term space provides us with more room to play, full-time jam opportunities, and video and recording options. We’ll also be collaborating with the building’s community by hosting music for their monthly First Fridays arts and music showcase. This is a huge step in blending creative art and music talents within the Portland community.

We’ll be working on the build-in throughout December. Our move-in date is January 1st. After that, we’ll be making music multiple days a week in our new custom live-music space.

Thank you to all the Board Members of Community Jams for their continued efforts in helping us expand and develop. 

Support Community Jams

You can show your support for Community Jams, learn about various musical outreach programs, and help us develop our community by visiting this website and joining our weekly jams. To keep Community Jams running smoothly, we still need your monthly financial support through direct donations or through our convenient Patreon campaign. 

You can also have fun wearing support for Community Jams with our new t-shirts on Zazzle.com. Customize them to rock your own look for Community Jams!

Holiday Events

We’ve got our Holiday Volunteer Music events up on the Meetup.com calendar. We’ll be meeting on various weekend afternoons to warm up and socialize. Then, throughout December, we’ll be visiting various care homes and festivals to bring live music and caroling voices to our Portland neighbors. 

Sat. Dec. 14th
2:00 Clarendon Court Alzheimer’s Facility
3:30 Laurelhurst House

Tues. Dec. 17th
7:00 Peacock Lane Pedestrian Night

Sat. Dec. 21st
2:00 Whitewood Gardens
3:30 Gateway Care

We’ll host practice holiday jams on Sundays between November 17 and December 1. Visit the Calendar on Meetup.com to sign up for practice or volunteer events before they fill up!

Thank you to those who continue to join and enjoy our jam time at Swaha Studios through the end of the year. Let your music out this Holiday season, and come join us as we begin our exciting transition to our new studio in 2020!

– Rob “Bodhi” Wolff, Executive Director

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