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Sing, play, or just listen
Thank you for staying connected with music as we continue Zoom Songshare – Open Mic from 7-9pm on Saturday evenings. We share whatever we’re working on, including songs, pieces of songs, riffs, and other musical contributions. We take turns like an open mic, but there is no need to practice or get it accurate. Play a solo you’ve been practicing, sing in a cappella, or simply play a favorite song you’ve been enjoying. Nobody has to worry about sharing a complete song or trying to make it sound perfect. The point is simply to share anything related music and support others who are staying involved with music. Please rsvp on and click this link to go to Zoom on Saturday evening:

Community Jams gets our own NINJAM server
Hats off to our musicians pushing technology so we can jam together using NINJAM. Now we have our own server for playing together with anyone around the world!

NINJAM is an online format which allows distanced musicians to play repeated musical phrases asynchronously together. Community Jams stretches these online experiences using techniques honed from years of live jam sessions. This creates easy-to-access familiar jam experiences while staying online and distanced. We now broadcast our NINJAMs on Twitch so you can watch before trying it yourself. See how we slowly develop each song into a successful NINJAM session on Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm, Saturdays at 1pm, and Sundays at 12:30:

Weekly events
Zoom Songshare open mic:
Saturdays at 7:00pm
Join our Zoom Meeting here
Personal Meeting ID: 610-826-3816

Singalong Jam broadcasts:Playalong jams:
Wednesdays at 7pm
Sundays at 2pm

NOTE: Patio guests will be returning after the snow melts, hopefully next Wednesday, February 24th. 
Watch and play along at home:

NINJAM sessions – broadcasting on Twitch:
Mondays at 7pm
Thursdays at 7pm
Saturdays at 1pm
Sundays at 12:30pm

Watch before you try at:

Some of our audio clips are now posted at SoundCloud. More info about NINJAM can be found at: 
NINJAM server

Zoom social chats:
Mondays 6:40-7:00pm
Join our Zoom Meeting here
Personal Meeting ID: 610-826-3816

Please rsvp to Zoom, NINJAMs and Twitch Jams on Portland Casual Jams meetup event pages.

Keep singing, playing, and collaborating to stay connected!

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